Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Final Presentation

Final Presentation- isometric layers

Final Presentation

Final Presentation - Isometric plans

in this isometric plans you can see the different levels of the building including the in between space , the "green space" that is used for different activites , also you can see the open and the close spaces inside the building structure..

for a better view click:

Final presentation - Sections & Plans


Monday, February 11, 2008

Some new renders ...

a view inside a class room , showing the green surfaces in both sides while the light inter as indiret ...

a view inside the building toward the passage that cut into the class rooms.. making side for the class and the other as meetings room...

Short movie to show the 3D of the project

a short movie ... (i chose not showing this in the final prsentation , the "green" plants are not shown in the movie!!!)

Thursday, January 24, 2008

a view toward the north side of the building ...

showing the construction lines of the building as in defrent thikness depend on there place and construction issues..

the first view is a prespective from inside the building from the holliday building toward the sea, youcan sea the vegetation surafces that can be used as an extentions for the classes that is inside the buildng space , a public space for meetings and a conecting space betwean defrent functions and toward the holliday building .

a prespective toward the building , including the passage that cuts the building ... and the open hall for defrent activites...

a scheme of the program as fitting in the building mass.

the red mass is the space that is for movement and its a part of the organic open space in the building

the onstructive skin taking a part also as an organic structure as a part of the interior organic space ....

adding skin

as making the concept building of organic and minneral a building that can be realistic constructivly a skin is suggested to make the whole project conected to the main surface of the chosen site ..
the down renderes shows the building from its both sides showing the defrance in the lines that are affected by the surrounded buildings , nearby plazas and event taking place of specefic side.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

the second mid term poster ( after c. crash)
section that shows hollyday and the new building , the organic structure and its materials ...

section that shows the the green structure inside the existing hollyday building and includes the upgrade of another floor and the interior changes ...